Trung Nguyen, M.D.

Family Medicine

Dr. Nguyen graduated from Meharry Medical College. Upon graduating, he continued his training at the University of Tennessee. Dr. Nguyen has practiced full-spectrum family medicine for more than two decades.

Dr. Nguyen loves the outdoors. As such, he understands how important it is for his patients to optimize their health so they can enjoy their active lives.

In addition to managing your medications, Dr. Nguyen will share:

  • the one thing “healthy eating” misses and that healthcare providers do not seem to be concerned with
  • the 5 action steps to reverse insulin resistance and other metabolic imbalances without eating less or sweating more
  • why natural and conventional approaches to insulin resistance and metabolic imbalances often fail, even with the most committed patients
  • the #1 mistake many patients make with insulin resistance and metabolic imbalances (it can cause lengthy setbacks)
  • the essential “tools” used by patients to become drug-free
  • the reason why a faulty diabetes plan can lead to debilitating health outcomes and even loss of independence later in life

Dr. Nguyen offers a Q & A session via Zoom every Tuesdays at 11 am. We hope you and your family and friends will join us! Dr. Nguyen discusses insulin resistance diabetes and metabolic syndrome. This is a great opportunity to get your diabetes questions answered! Click here to RSVP. Once we receive your RSVP, we will email you the Zoom link. If you would like to listen to past Zoom sessions, click here.

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